Infos about eMeditate

A smart new and unprecedented meditation method for Android devices.

Meditation grows more and more popular. This App is meant to give an insight what meditation is about and at the same time it is in itself a new and exciting electronically enhanced meditation method for beginners and intermediates.


  • Day-night rythm, many graphical effects, various sounds.
  • One permanent game playable forever!
  • Put your own photo into the game and meditate as yourself!


How to play:

Control the concentration point (red) by tilting the device. Follow the breathing point (white – blue) to make progress.
The flashing Tantien (aka Hara, center of the body) will grow and shows your progress.

You can also control the concentration point with touch:

You continue where you left of every time you start over, but the progress will only be saved if you end a session. There are various methods for progress and you will encounter many obstacles on the way, but generally it starts the hardest and will get easier the longer you stay on the path. Explore further.

Important Update:

Scoreloop has shut down, thus disabling the highscore list! We don’t have the ressources to apdate the app, but we will eventually reinstall it!

Insert a custom picture:

There is a slot named “Custom” in the Start Screen reserved for pictures loaded from the  external storage (SD-card).When the game starts for the first time, it writes a template picture to the SD-card named eMeditate.png. This file can be replaced anytime with any other picture with the same name.
Specs: The file should be a 480 pixels wide and 800 pixels high .png picture. For the best effect it is alpha masked so that the background is visible and the figure is scaled approximatly in the dimenstions of the template. We will regularly upload new custom pictures for your convienience, if you try out the figures at the bottom don´t forget to rename them first.

Here are custom characters for free download:

Promo Video:

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