My Love – V.G.

Klimt - Woman SemiNude

Klimt – Woman Semi Nude

My Love

it used to be so easy
to fall in love
it used to be so easy
but it wasnt nearly enough

cause i cry and i fake
and i worship my mistakes
i am haunted to be wanted

by those pains, by those aches
someone did, someone said
yess, im haunted, i am wanted
by my love.

used to be so easy
to pretend that i am not
the one who makes it easy
to feel my love

cause i fight and i blame
i am a victim of my shame
i am haunted to be wanted

and i prey and i weigh
yess, i notice everyday
that i am not the one
who is my love.

now it is so easy
to be finally the one
the one who makes it easy
to feel my love

so i fight and i pray, i get better everyday
to be the one by my side
i let go of my pain, i let go of my shame
and i know that i am
my love .

cause only my love is my love, is my love, my love.

Glorifying Myself – V.G.

Piet Mondrian – Evolution 1911

Glorifying Myself

Glorifying myself to the limit, yess i am
Glorifying myself again
There s nothing out there for me
I know it from where i stand
Glorifying myself again.

Dont know what to do and dont know what to say
Cause all my mind is doing is just dancing away
In circles, in circles
Round and round it goes
I m just standing and watching the way it flows-

Years pass, years pass
And i am still glorifying myself to the limit, again.

Glorifying myself to limit, yess i am
As if all those years never happened
As if nothing ever showed me the way
I choose to glorify myself, again.

I know what is going wrong
I know what you gonna say
I know and I dont care
Bout glorifying myself again

Living my life like it s a one way street
Like nothing out there is telling me
That I m gonna pay for every decision i make
I m gonna pay, i m gonna pay, i m gonna pay

Choosing right over the wrong and feeling proud
Just like i sucked out all the wisdom from the crowd
There s nothing out there that can take me as high
Like you do
When i m all quiet down.

I know what is going wrong
I know what you gonna say
I know and I dont care
Bout glorifying myself again.


Free At Last – V.G.

free at last








Free At Last


look to the left
voices creeping, sweeping up my head

look to the right
there s this pain holding my strength tight

looking straight ahead
there s this big nothing waiting to happen

looking at the now
it s hard, but you gotta do it anyhow


the prison that i bare
is getting tighter for me to stand

the prison that i praise
making up my quality and my amaze

the prison s time has come
to be shattered into the haze

they hurt and they stab
these remaining pieces i still praise

I would love someone to blame for my pain
I would love someone to pay for my way
so i can be free at last


the sleight is never clean
no matter how much i think i ve seen

i choose to act as the warrior
that resides in my head

a hero is what i wanna be
wanna be special in all my victories

wanna conquer the world and me
wanna be praised and hailed because of my serenity

I would love someone to blame for my pain
I would love someone to pay for my way

so i can be free at last


please look at me
i m fighting for my and your liberty

please take my hand
show me, show me how to stand

i will let it go
everything i found on my road

just tell me, my way is ok
you gonna love me and i am the most special girl you ve ever met

I would love someone to blame for my pain
I would love someone to pay for my way
so i can be free at last

without effort without past
without effort we re the best


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Still One A.M. – J.H.Z.

quads61-20130701 quads62-20130708

Still One A.M.

Alone, at last! Slam the door shut, could as well leave it open, in our building only bicycles get stolen.

Alone, at last, with my beloved, at last the tyranny of the human face has disappeared, and I shall be the only cause of my suffering.

I retreat into the kitchen, to escape the singing of my wife, and through a sheer act of will I expel from the realm of my thoughts the muted voices of the ever quarreling neighbours.

Strange City. Strange Life! Let us recapitulate the day:

In the morning I was summoned to a meeting into the firm where I´m precariously employed. Distributed handshakes and heared some names in the same proportion, which I instantly forgot, knowing well I would meet them again in half a years time at the earliest. Was embarrassed by my possible mouth odor, having no health insurance and didn´t attend a dentist for a while. Introduced to a collague under the pretext that I too had studied economic education, and I replied: No, philosophy – whereas there were ahs and ohs, as if I just descended from the moon.

Someone was kind enough to ask me, who my favorite philosopher is, and when I said „Gilles Deleuze“, without the obligatory suffix „contemporary french philosopher“, he put on a deeply astonished face, as if it were my fault, that western philosophy continued after 1784. After all, obviously todays encyclopedists are seated in economic consultant companies.

After the meeting I had lunch with my girlfirend, which we cooked together, whilst she meant, it´s ok to put it in the mouth, but a tergo only after the wedding, whereat I tossed in, that under this condition there probably won´t be one.

Later on we accepted an invitation to a film festival, where we ignored and were ignored by the same art students that already ignored us in our own art gallery. The movie was about pedophilia but drinking was the central theme, also the emotions were cooled down to sub-zero. Nobody smoked.

Afterwards I chatted with a friend about the connection between the world religions and the prohibition of drugs, whereupon my friend opined, that the masters and prophets left the drug use at the disposal of ones own state of consciousness.

Now, at home, how should I gather the grace to write some lines of code for my own project, which shall prove to myself that I am not inferior to those who have so much more money, and whom I understand better than they understand themselves.

Ohne Bedauern – J.H.Z.

Dis Moi – V.G.












Dis-moi si c’est toi

Si c’est toi qui je vois

Si c’est toi qui je sente

Quand je prends ta main

Chaque fois quand il y a de vent


Et tu me touches si fin

Comme il n’y avait plus de mains

Comme il n’y avait plus de sang

Et je ne verrais plus de rien


Dis-moi si c’est toi

Si c’est toi qui je vois

Si c’est toi qui je sente

Quand il n’y a que rien

Le rien que tu me vendes


Chaque fois quand je ne veux plus pouvoir

Tenir ta main

Tenir plus de rien

Le rien dans tout-ce que

Tu me donnes


Dis-moi, si c’est moi

Si c’est moi qui est ta choix

Si c’est moi qui tu prends

Pour conquir le monde


Le monde de ta voix

De ta voix pleine de vent

Le vent qui boye

Chaque coeur

Chaque ventre


Dis-moi si c’est toi

Si c’est toi qui me voit

Si c’est toi qui me tien

Quand je suis toute là



Dis- moi.

Photo – Raven Woman – MisfitMuse

Discipline – V.G.

vivian voda light


one of these days, one of these nights

my mind will stop to put up a fight

my heart will open

and you will know

i m worthy of the courage you chose me for

i m worthy of the sword

you put into my hands

i m holding and using it

no matter which stance

is coming to take my breath away

is coming to challenge the trust you gave

the trust that you put in me

the day you took away my misery

the day you knew if you tuned it up

the walls will crumble

i ll drink from your cup

and even though i know i m here

due to your mercy, your wishes, your glory and your tears

who is it i dare to fight

if not my own ladder of oversight

what is it i need to bare

if not the cross that brings my share

of luck and lust and before all that

the fun that never seizes to end

the fun that teaches through pits of pain

that weakness only leaves

when discipline is my name.

Za tebe – V.G.

vivian voda fancies I







Za tebe

Hodam gradom
I gledam se
Nijedan pokret nije previše.

Hodam gradom
I radim ono što radim najbolje
Odvažni pothvati koje mi duša nalaže.

Ostavljam uvrijeđene i zlostavljene misli kraj sebe.

Slamljam srca i ne bojim se.

Zar sam ja ta koja slamlja
Srce koje vec odavno slomljeno je?

Slamljam srca i nije lako, ne.

Zar sam ja ta koja bode
Ili je to bol koja se budi
Pred pogledom
Moje pokore.

Hodam gradom
I ne čudim se.

Bol i ja se znamo dobro
Tu je, uvijek, i više se ne bojim nje.

Bücher sind Wanderer – J.H.Z.


Bücher sind Wanderer

Gibst du mir ein Buch,

Riskierst du eine Wanderschaft,

Ohne Wiederkehr.

Gibst du mir einen Titel,

Sage ich dir wer du bist.

Ich entlasse meine Bücher,

In die Fremde meiner Freunde,

Sollen sie doch zum Teufel gehen.

Kartonweise würde ich sie verschenken,

Könnte ich mich von ihnen trennen.

Listen von Titeln schreibe ich,

Auf Geheiß meiner Freunde.

Oder ungefragt. Todo. Done.

Und das, und das, und das auch noch.

Eine Übersetzung – ultimative Reise.

Soviel Ego reist mit, soviel Unfug.

Ich will eine Übersetzung abschicken,

Wie einen Soldaten:

Nichts Überflüssiges.

Was soll man in den Briefen,

An die Zukünftigen verpacken?

Was hält eine Reise aus,

Die Jahrzehnte, gar Jahrhunderte dauert?

Mich interessiert allein die Haltbarkeit.

Dauerwurst? Konserven? Unverdauliches?

Verpacke ich frische Ware,

Die bald verdirbt?

Über diese Fragen,

kann ein Leben vergehen,

Ohne dass die Wanderschaft beginnt.

Ich betrachte meine Bücherregale,

Und Stolz erfüllt mich,

Ob dieser willkürlichen Ansammlung.

Ein Teil von mir ist dort ausgelagert,

Ein anderer Teil west in mir; Anekdoten.

Und Hass erfüllt mich,

Denn wenn ich wieder umziehen muss,

Werde ich meine Freunde anbetteln,

Und Umzugsexperten zahlen,

Damit sie sie Kistenweise übersiedeln.

Und wozu?

ich nehme sie nur mehr in die Hand,

Um sie abzuschicken,

Um sie umzuschlichten,

Oder um einen Titel zu finden,

Selten, um sie aufzuschlagen.

Meine Bibliothek besteht aus

Vielen Verlorenen,

Die auf der Reise verunglückt sind.

Nie sind sie angekommen,

Vor des Lesers Auge.

Sie sind vielleicht am Trockenen,

Warten aber vergeblich,

Auf ihren Bestimmungsort.

Doch sind manche von ihnen,

Durch so manche Station gegangen.

Ich habe kein Mitleid mit ihnen.

Sie sprechen zu mir kraft ihres Namens.

Ich muss sie nicht kennen,

Denn ihr Ruf eilt ihnen voraus.

Du empfiehlst mir ein Buch?

Hoffe besser, es ist online.

Je besser es ist, desto weniger Hoffnung.

Die unendliche Bibliothek hat Lücken,

Das ist jetzt nur um so offensichtlicher,

In der welt 2.0.

Die Übertragungsfehler häufen sich.

Alles was ich noch gebrauche,

Ist ein tragbares Gerät, und es leuchtet.

Keine Reiselampen mehr,

Diese Abominationen.

Lesen und schreiben zugleich,

Hintergrundbeleuchtung inklusive.

Im Reiseformat gross oder klein.

Tablet oder Telefon.

Nie konnte ich am Computer lesen.

Reisen kostet Geld. Und Zeit.

Es ist das Vergnügen vieler.

All Inclusive ist beliebt.

Paris die Stadt der Liebe.

Wanderschaft bedeutet Exklusivität.

Man wandert selten freiwillig.

Es gibt einen Kanon dazu,

Den singt man notgedrungen dazu.

Doch der Wege gibt es viele,

Manche brauchen eine Leitmelodie,

Und manche machen sich,

Aufs geratewohl auf.

Für manche ist es ein Sonntagsspaziergang,

Manche hängen ihr Leben dran.

Lifestyle. Drängen. Notwendigkeit.

Eine Sprache zu lernen auf dem Weg.

Eine neue Sprache in der alten Sprache.

Wer könnte eine erfinden?

Hunt – V.G.




I would walk for miles
Just to see if I still care
Bout all of the darkness
That presides within my sails


Smelling of the curfew
That was banned upon my head
The bloodshed it is rising
So the truth can prevail


Tell it to the curfew
That was put here long ago
I m diving through his pain
That is devouring my soul


Touch me, baby, touch me now
Can t you see that I m not scared
You will dive for more
That is hidden in my lends


I will call forever more
For the one who knows the law
He will judge my come
He will judge my now


I will hunt forever
I will hunt for you
See which one will fall
Which one will stand by you


I will hunt forever
Across these desert lands
To wash away the harm
That was done by my hands
I would search forever
I would search up and below
I would cry and cry and cry
Until I wouldn t cry no more



You will call me close
But I shall not hear
My name, my heart will die
Into the wilderness you bring


I will call forever more
I will call for you
Betrayel of the trust within
Is just something that we do