QuadCores WebComic
QuadCores WebComic

Webcomic about Smart Electronic Gadgets, Moviewise, Superheros and Enlightement; featuring Cats With Attitude.

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The QuadCores crew:

QuadCores #24
First row: Alex, Ilse, Janus
Second row: Cat, Ive; special guests stormtrooper & Mario

Janus the lucky geek, Ilse his critical friend, Alex the Pacifier, Ive the daredevil and a cat on the path to enlightenment.
Currently QuadCores consists of 64 strips.

About the authors of QuadCores
About the authors of QuadCores

QuadCores Games:

One Path made for LD48 (Unity-Plugin, Kongregate)

An ‘Action-Adventure’ where you can jump-and-run on one procedurally generated path in both direction and meet people, which results in multiple-choice moral encounters that determine the outcome of the game.



Pokr. Featuring QuadCores cards

Fast-paced casual game for poker-players to train the memory; for all other players to have fun!
Plays a bit like Tetris, Klax, Pokertris or Gun Dealer (remember the arcades?). but with more strategic depth, as the player decides which poker-combinations to swipe away. Features all real poker-combinations!



Hardcopies of the books have also been seen on remote places: