Vivian Voda Light

Discipline – V.G.

one of these days, one of these nights

my mind will stop to put up a fight

my heart will open

and you will know

i m worthy of the courage you chose me for

i m worthy of the sword

you put into my hands

i m holding and using it

no matter which stance

is coming to take my breath away

is coming to challenge the trust you gave

the trust that you put in me

the day you took away my misery

the day you knew if you tuned it up

the walls will crumble

i ll drink from your cup

and even though i know i m here

due to your mercy, your wishes, your glory and your tears

who is it i dare to fight

if not my own ladder of oversight

what is it i need to bare

if not the cross that brings my share

of luck and lust and before all that

the fun that never seizes to end

the fun that teaches through pits of pain

that weakness only leaves

when discipline is my name.