Favorites #2: Movies – Double–Feature+

Mostly newer titles, sorted and commented for your convenience.

Some of them we experienced, some of them we intend to and some should hypothetically work.

************** HISTORY *****************

Prehistory: Old World
1. Ao, The Last Neanderthal (2010, aka Ao, le dernier Néandertal)
2. The Quest for Fire (1981, aka La guerre du feu)
(3. 10.000 BC, just too bad, except for the great killer ‘birds’, and is kinda remake of Apocalypto)

Prehistory: New World
1. Apocalypto (2006, Maya)
2. Rapa Nui (1994, Easter Islands)

The Rise And Decline Of Rome
0. Rome: Season 1 + 2 (2005 – 2007, TV)
1. Gladiator (2000)
2. The Eagle (2011)
3. King Arthur (2004)
(maybe Centurion (2010) before The Eagle)
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vivian voda – fake sky fake

“oh lucey, don’t you know it’s always the same sky,
no matter where you are”

fake sky fake
vivian voda

photo exhibition

kneze 2012

from one balcony + one terrace in the south

capturing the looking at the sky

laughing how painted it looks
remembering the space

featuring an exclusive acoustic version of

don’t you with

special guest
mr. damir posa

on the english guitar recorded by the balcony + the terrace in the south

Hollywood is the reason for the continuing greatness of the U.S.A

This is a repost from G+.

It’s elections time in the U.S. and I read a bunch of kinda griefing reasons for the decline of America, or it’s true nature etc. Naturally.

It might be obvious, or just totally wrong, but I believe it’s the cultural export, mostly its movies, which establish America as an unique and dominant phenomenon among nations.
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Favorites #1: Movies & Directors

After a truly creative afternoon, our Best Of Best Director and Movie List:

The Usual Suspects (Directors):

Almost every movie a masterpiece

Robert Altman

Pedro Almodovar

Cohen Bros.

Francis Coppola

David Cronenberg

Abel Ferarra

Wong Kar-Wei

Aki Kaurismaki

Stanley Kubrick

David Lynch

Guy Ritchie

Martin Scorsese

Quentin Tarantino

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vivian voda gone

presenting the first slide/exhibition/show by vivian voda

to the introspective minimalistic ballad gone

featuring the photo series i flower by borys hrynkiewicz-sudnik


the biggest scent of spring spirit oil on plastic flower painting

in its versatility

telling a story of your choice.

Zu eitel um satt zu sein I (too vain to be full, part one)

First Purely Virtual Exhibition

Borys Hrynkiewicz-Sudnik & Vivian Gjurin
Wien Paris Amsterdam Korcula 2010

Music by Vivian Gjurin

iced glow @ kandinsky cafe

after years of painting flowers the need for reduction resulted in this very special series: iced flowers – abstraction von blumen – finale

the total abstraction of flowers by taking away their color and natural shape, drying, conservating them and working with them as a modelling material, in the end varnishing them in white, that is what you can see in this years christmas exhibtion at the cafe kandinsky.

a feature of earlier flowers paintings (oil on plastic foil) is also shown.

december 5th till after christmas 2010

gallery cafe kandinsky

open every day
serving breakfast from 9am to 8pm

1070 Wien, Lerchenfelder Str. 13/ im Durchhaus
Tel. 01/ 969 40 01 , email: kandinsky@gmx.net


p.s. don’t forget to download the first single SIGNORITA of my debut album songs for urgency – quick and dirty for free in an earlier blogpost here on www.postmodestie.com!